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So... yeah, my game crashed or had to be restarted a lot this play session. A warning before we begin, this is going to be a very...words-heavy update. I just didn't take as many pictures of the shenanigans as I should have, and a lot of weird things happened in this update.

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Such a dramatic title, I know... but it fits the frustrations and triumphs I had in this update, haha.

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So much for updating a lot, but life got crazy and Sims didn't happen. What can you do.

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And so is family. Anyway, before we start this off, a moment to complain... I somehow lost the notebook where I was recording a lot of this update's happenings, so I may be a little shaky on some details. It's also been... a while since I updated, l-lol. A lot of things happened in my own life, and I stopped playing for a while, too. Anyway...

I found my notebook, but I'll leave this intro as-is. Also it's a little sketchy on details, so the lack of them will mostly remain.

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When we last left the Rainbows, Marigold and Goldenrod had just become toddlers.
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This update is going to be less dramatic, but still pretty interesting.
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A lot of really crazy things happened this time around, and I didn't take pictures of it all, but... here we go anyway.
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Ok so I accidentally deleted a lot of nice screen caps I took, so a quick rundown of what happened:
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Ok soooo... I decided to start over with a brand new family. Maybe I'll actually update things, this time.
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...well, I kind of lost track of recording things for the Variegations. I'll give a quick rundown for anyone who followed the little I've written, and for my own records:

Both Tangerine and Clementine grew up well. I sent the family on lots of vacations to China, France, and I think once to Egypt, too. Somehow Scarlet got another daughter from some random dude in France; I definitely did not do this. I'm not really doing anything about it, though it really annoys me whenever I look at her family tree. Oh well.

Aside from that, I grew very attached to both Claude and Scarlet, and so at some point before their daughters grew, I managed to turn them both into vampires. I also made them immortal. Claude started a garden and I changed his career to Video Game Developer, as well as getting Scarlet a job now that she doesn't need to work on her painting and writing all the time. She's a cook at the diner in down. I totally rebuilt my house, and it's glorious. I've also given up trying not to cheat. It's just so much more fun that way, and I really don't see the point in denying myself things that amuse me, like building huge mansions for my sims to live in.

As for their children, I sent Clem to college. I didn't foresee how difficult taking 12 credits a semester would be, so I stressed her out too much and she did terribly on the exams; I ended up dropping her out. And then I kicked her out, since I decided to have Tangerine be my heiress. I sent her to college as well, but with a lighter course load, and she did wonderfully. She didn't complete her degree, but she managed to pick up a nice man. His name is Aaron. They have a daughter (named Chartreuse) with a baby on the way.

In addition, Scarlet and Claude had another baby, a boy at last. I didn't consider him one of the eligible heirs since he's a vampire of course, but I did name him Rusty. He's frighteningly good at learning things super fast, and I have no idea why. Seriously, he'd pick up a guitar for the first time and two seconds later he'd already be level 5. He was a virtuoso but that doesn't quite explain all of it. Perhaps because I sent him to military school, since I had too many sims in my house... idk. Edit: apparently this is a known bug with vampire kids. I think I'll make a point of avoiding having any more vampire children until this is fixed (either with a patch or if I download Awesomemod) because this glitch is weird as hell and would seriously mess things up if I ever get a vampire heir at some point. Not that it wasn't funny and kind of interesting to see him master all the instruments in one sitting, but the point of the games I play is to get things to happen more slowly, so I can enjoy the shenanigans my sims get up to.

I sent him to college as well, and I was going to have him meet a nice girl... but then he met this glorious faerie boy with dark blue wings and I was just like. Yes. I'm having that one. Sadly my game crashed and I lost all my hard work with him but luckily I was able to get back to the same point. I had Rusty drop out after just a semester even though he'd done quite well since I didn't want to lose this glorious being.

At this point, however, I had a few issues due to me being Dumb. For one, I kept getting random roommates, out of nowhere, and this blocked my first attempt to get Miles Forthright to join my family. After I got rid of the roomie hanging around I was like 'well maybe my family really is too big, I guess I'll move Claude and Scarlet out'. Though I would like it if I could have more than 8 sims in the house... anyway. I bought them a little house closer to town... and tried to move just the two of them in. However, when I tried this, my whole household left, which I wasn't expecting. I didn't realize Scarlet and Claude still owned the house I'd worked so hard to build so I had to go through some hoops in order to buy it back. If I'd realized what I was doing, I would have moved them in next door so I could at least keep an eye on them... oh well. Maybe I can still fix things, whenever I go back to that game.

I did manage to get Rusty and Miles together in the end, and Tangerine and Aaron are adorable as well. I don't know that I'll get back to this anytime soon--since I flubbed things up a bit I decided to start fresh with another family--but I probably will eventually. I may even take pictures next time.

As a final note, I got sick of the celebrity system. It was cute at first but it quickly got annoying for a number of reasons, at least in part because Scarlet kept getting a bad reputation from kissing her husband in public. It was very rude. So I fixed it in my options, and then I cheated slightly to get rid of all the celebrity points in my family. I think all my games will be celebrity free, in my immediate family; it's sometimes nice, since people give you things and you get discounts, but I'd really rather not deal with the negative sides of the thing.
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As it turns out, I did spell their name correctly: Variegation. I just have a terrible memory for these things; I'm actually a tiny bit surprised I managed to be so competent as to get it right in the game, lol.

I thought I'd do a proper introduction for once; I was going to do it earlier, but my computer died. Thankfully the good people who helped me get a new one were able to pull everything off my old one, so I still have all my game files. Hurrah!
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So here I am again, this game was just too fun and I had to play the next installment immediately. I'm going to try putting in pictures now, since I figured out how to do that... and hopefully nothing goes kerflooy on me because I'm linking them from the sims website instead of photobucket. Nevermind I got unlazy so they're all (hopefully) safely uploaded to my photobucket.
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...still not sure if I spelled that name wrong or not. Hmm.

I started the game immediately and played quite a few in-game days, I forgot to check how many before I saved and quit. But I think it's going well. Scarlet Varigation has Master of the Arts (I think that's what it's called, where they have to master writing and painting) as her Life Goal. As soon as I got in the game I had her learn those two skills immediately, by taking a class as that was easiest. I admit I cheated almost immediately since I didn't want her to starve, die of embarrassment, or have to sleep in random places, so I got exactly one cheat of motherlode to give her a fridge, bed, stove, counterspace so she would actually cook, standalone bathroom room (again so she won't die) with a toilet and shower, and I eventually caved and got her a chair with a computer so she didn't have to waste time going to the library all the time. She also has two easels, because she very much seems to prefer painting; she'll even ignore feeling stir-crazy and lonely to paint. She's gotten pretty close to her life goal, but that's all I can really say about it now XD

She also wandered around a little and did random things like read books, decide she didn't like some books, go to a restaurant and sit at the table until almost 2am, and meet a lot of people, but none of that was really interesting. Well, maybe some of the people, since she found several of those she didn't like, either, but I wasnt ready to capture those moments so I don't even remember who exactly she doesn't like.

She has written three books so far and is working on a fourth; I don't even know how many paintings she's done. At least a dozen. I sell most of them but I have hung up some, including an something I am going to tentatively count as her self-portrait, since I captured her like I was supposed to. It came out all black with one blue patch in a corner so I'm not sure what happened there, but I think it still counts since I got her in the box like I was supposed to. I may try again later with a large canvas or something.

So far I've spent 35,000 points on the lifetime achievements, so I don't lose track.

I have made zero progress in finding her a hubby, but I have made the lifespans Long. I'm hoping that will give me a little leeway; also Scarlet is a young woman, she's got another life stage before I have to start worrying. I also spent lifetime points to make her Attractive, so I'm sure that will help a lot. I plan to give her Legendary Host the next time I can and then I will throw her a party after she masters at least one of either painting or writing and with luck magic will happen. Somehow. I hope.

All in all, I'm really having fun with this. I don't think I'll be posting pictures as my computer is a bit touchy sometimes about that, but I'll report the things I think are pertinent here.

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My first post of this community! Which is, as it says on the tin, something where I can babble about the terrible things I do to pixelized pretend people.

I'm starting it off with the 10-generation challenge I'm attempting with sim Scarlet Varigation. I think I actually spelled her name wrong, since it's supposed to have an 'e' in there, but we'll roll with it and I'll double check it when I play the game again.

Anyway, I got a few entries in before I decided to make this, so bear with me while I post the rules and such over again.
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